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Key elements
of the Threefold Token


Nodes are, essentially, servers. Nodes vary in size, cost and configuration. Click here for ThreeFold blueprints to see recommended configurations.


All nodes connect to the ThreeFold Grid, a fully distributed network that is green, neutral, and scalable.


ThreeFold Token (TF Token) is a digital currency 100% backed by ThreeFold Grid’s capacity.

TF Tokens can be exchanged for other crypto of fiat currency through the TF Exchange, a fully distributed token exchange or through independent token exchanges.

Threefold Grid


ThreeFold’s operating system, Zero-OS, requires very little electricity to produce capacity. Zero-OS is so efficient that ThreeFold farming is profitable even in places where electricity is expensive.


Farmers produce capacity, but do not distribute it. Instead, capacity is distributed via the blockchain. As a result, no single entity decides who gets capacity and who does not.


Zero-Chain, ThreeFold’s proof of stake blockchain, requires no additional computing as capacity expands.

Threefold Whitepaper

We are thrilled to share with you the new Threefold Whitepaper.

This new Whitepaper introduces two new Research breakthroughs in the Distributed Storage Networks (DSN) landscape: Proof-of-Replication (PoR) and Proof-of-Spacetime (PoSt).

View Whitepaper

Earn TF Tokens

For connecting capacity to the ThreeFold Grid

Farmers receive a fixed amount of tokens for up to 60 months

Tokens are received when farmers connect to the TF Grid

Farmers receive Tokens on a monthly basis once they meet their uptime

For selling capacity to end-users

The capacity provided to the Grid will be purchased for a certain price in Tokens set by the farmer

When capacity is sold you will receive Tokens

Become a Farmer

How to become a farmer

Step 1


Evaluate hardware configuration according to your budget, area, use of capacity and connectivity. Use the ThreeFold Return on Investment calculator and ThreeFold blueprints to aid your analysis.

Step 2

Buy Nodes,
i.e. Hardware

Order new or refurbished hardware, anything Intel-based no older than 2014. Use the ThreeFold Vendor Network to take advantage of ThreeFold’s global discount.

Step 3

to ThreeFold Grid

  • Assemble and connect hardware to the internet and power source.
  • Run Zero-OS, ThreeFold’s Operating System.
  • List your capacity on the Directory, ThreeFold’s marketplace.

You are ready
to earn
ThreeFold tokens!

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The Token of The New Internet

ThreeFold Technology

How To Become A Farmer

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Team and Technology

ThreeFold Foundation

ThreeFold is a nonprofit organization run by people who are passionate about making this new internet a reality. We help to promote and grow the THREEFOLD ECOSYSTEM.


ThreeFold Technology

ThreeFold is powered by an open source technology, available for review here:


ThreeFold Tech Team

The team behind the open-source ThreeFold technology.


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